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Tap Trap® and Vaso Trap® are innovative colored bio traps designed and produced by Roberto Carello, and are successfully used in pest control within both large and small farming, as well as in orchards, olive groves, and gardens.

The use of the bio traps requires the employment of recycled common containers, such as water plastic bottles and honey glass jars. Field studies have demonstrated Tap Trap® and Vaso Trap® to be cost effective, environmentally friendly and very efficient in the mass-trapping of flying pests within all kind of agricultural settings.

It has conclusively been shown that their correct use achieve excellent results, thus substantially reducing the use of harmful pesticides, as well as encouraging the recycling of plastic and glass.

Tap Trap®
and Vaso Trap® are therefore environmentally friendly and effective methods against flying pests.

Tap Trap test on Mediterranean fly mass-trapping in bio citrus
Tests on mass-trapping of Ceratitis Capitata - See how Tap Trap® compares to other bio traps - conducted by C.R.A., Italy
Tests on the capture of wasps and hornets using Tap Trap® - conducted by the University of Turin, Italy

Tests on mass-trapping of Ceratitis Capitata using Tap Trap® - an alternative method of biological control - conducted by C.R.A and A.R.S.S.A., Italy

DROSOPHILA SUZUKII mass-trapping and monitoring

Tests on monitoring of Drosophila Suzukii - comparing traps

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